(Medford, Oregon) Heli-Dunn, a helicopter company based in Medford, Oregon has been contracted by
several of California’s electric utilities to provide their patented, industry changing method of trimming and removing trees 􀀊nd vegetation with aerial saws and helicopters along fire prone power line right of ways.  Scott Dunn, owner of Heli-Dunn, started the company in 2004 and since has operated as a full service heli­copter provider with specialties in external load, fire management and utility·services.

Starting in 2012,  Scott and the team at Heli-Dunn developed two specific tools, first, “The Heli-Saw”, a series of circular saw blades that are vertically suspended underneath an Astar 350 Helicopter that trims and removes branches from trees that encroach into utilities right of ways. Then second, “The Heli-Feller” capable of grasping and cutting sections of tree from the top down and removing them from power line encroachment.

Both saws have been proven in many challenging situations and used by several of the
countries largest electric utilities. Heli-Dunn is top safety rated with several third party auditors and inspected by the FAA and other government agencies.

Heli-Dunn completed several hundred miles of transmission line right of way clearing in the Northern
California and Central Oregon Coasts. For the month of December 2018, Heli-Dunn committed two aircraft in Butte County, California with our Heli-Saw and Heli-Feller modules to mitigate hazard trees along  power line right of ways near the Feather River Canon within the Camp Fire burn area.
Aerial saw application is a safe and productive way to trim and remove hazardous vegetation along power­line right of ways and offers a unique solution to completing several miles per day of trimming while setting unprecedented safety records and production rates.

Heli-Dunn will be starting operations in April and will continue into the early summer in hopes to complete several projects that will aid in public safety and utility reliability in fire prone areas.