Scott Dunn flying our Heli-Feller in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge after the 2017 Eagle Creek Fire. The customer was requiring hazard tree mitigation in remote and unforgiving terrain. Heli-Dunn was the only method available to provide a viable option to obtain the safety and unprecedented production  required by our customer which benefited from the increased and restored reliability.

Our Heli-Feller is an industry changing tool developed and exclusively operated by Heli-Dunn. Aerially applied by one of our  “ASTAR” AS-350 Helicopters, The Heli-Feller can precisely remove large diameter trees near power lines or infrastructure in difficult or inaccessible terrain or in any area with high tree mortality. Starting from the top of the tree working down, The Heli-Feller grapples and cuts a section of the tree with precision and positive control of the pilot. The pilot then can maneuver the section away from power lines and release the section of the tree to a desirable location, mitigating the hazard to the power line or infrastructure.

The “Grand Benefit” is how Heli-Dunn describes how companies engaged in technical hazard tree removal and especially tree workers and their families can benefit from this unprecedented reduction in exposure to occupational risk.​

  • The Heli-Feller significantly reduces the exposure of risk to climbers engaged in hazard tree removal, especially in decaying, structurally compromised trees that they are asked to climb.
  • The Heli-Feller has an unprecedented safety record and production rate that is matched by no other known process in the industry.
  • The Heli-Feller, in one day can do the work other methods would take weeks to complete.
  • Its high rate of safety minded production leads to considerable cost savings.