The Heli-Dunn Heli-Saw is a aerially applied saw used to side trim vegetation along power line right of ways or travel corridors. Idea for both accessible and non-accessible terrain. A Heli-Saw operation can complete several miles of side trimming per day. Production will vary  based upon vegetation type and field conditions. Above are typical vegetation situations that are ideal for a Heli-Saw operation..  Hazards can be quickly and proficiently mitigated leading to significant reduction in project implementation time and cost savings.

The Heli-Saw was developed with the harsh demands of equipment in mind when operating within the unforgiving conditions of our western forests. Hearty, Large diameter trees line our utility right of ways and travel corridors that weave through steep and difficult terrain.
The combination of the performance capability of the Astar 350 Helicopter and our  Heli-Saw offers the safest and most productive ,cost effective option  for side trimming available to several industries.

The Heli-Saw in action-TACOMA POWER 2014
Heli-Dunn implemented a Heli-Saw Operation for Washington’s Tacoma Power in 2014. Many successes developed as Heli-Dunn
side trimmed several miles of vegetation that required maintenance along transmissions lines. Reduction of exposure to risk, expedited project implementation and cost savings were benefits of the use of the Heli-Dunn Heli-Saw. See the video below to learn more about the project.


  • Heli-Saw trims from the top of the tree down 150ft,  reaching branches that are untouchable by ground.
  • No encroachment or disturbance to right-of-ways.
  • Heli-Saw has immediate access to difficult to reach areas and terrain that take ground crews hours to hike.
  • Heli-Saw’s average production rate of trimming under most conditions is 3 miles to 6 miles per day. Increased production can be obtained in lighter vegetation types.
  • Heli-Saw can do in one day what a ground-crew does in weeks.